Recent updates for the participants of ECSC 2022

Dear guests,
In 2 weeks we will have the pleasure to welcome you in Riga!
To make your stay and solving nicer, we have published some additional information:

  1. The TRANSFER from the airport to the hotel on 12.05 and 13.05. Please, those who are interested in this option, send your arrival time and flight number to
  2. Please check if your registration for all tournaments is correct. A new option on the PARTICIPANTS page shows you participants by the tournament. Please let us know before May 7th if you would like to make any changes to your attendance of the tournaments. You can also see the list of those who arrive the day before and stay one day more.
  3. The SCHEDULE of the events is final now. The rules from all competitions are available from there.
  4. The solutions for ADD-A-PIECE tournament’s examples are published! Please see them to have a better idea about this competition. You might really enjoy it!
  5. A little gallery of 20 minutes walking tour around Islande Hotel, March 2022, might give you a better feeling about the surrounding. A big shopping center is on the distance of 3-5 minutes walk from the hotel, a bridge over Daugava river to get to the Old town – about 7 minutes walk.
  6. Some little souvenirs from Riga (magnets, cups, key holders, …) we will offer to you for the price 2-3 times below the market price thanks to the support of Baltic Souvenirs company.